Sat na Inglaterra
1 de March de 2015
SAT no Peru
1 de March de 2015

Sat na Rússia

We are truly honored to bring the world famous SAT Program created by Claudio Naranjo to Russia. This will be a very special occasion not only because SAT is happening in Russia for the first time in its 40 years history but also because Claudio Naranjo will be leading his acclaimed international team himself.


The first level of the SAT Program – Module I – will include among other activities the following elements:

•Introduction to the Psychology of Enneatypes – the art of understanding and reassessing oneself developed by Claudio Naranjo based on the ancient knowledge of Enneagram.
•Psychodrama and theatre therapy (from spontaneous movement and dance to clownade) with its ability to transform the painful experiences of the past into growth points.
•Buddhist meditation as a way of confronting and controlling one’s ego.
•Gestalt-therapy which develops awareness of ‘here and now’ and full responsiblity for one’s life.

The key to positive results and efficiency of SAT are concentration and constant involvement of participants during the sessions, as well as continuous mutual support and positive group dynamics. Therefore the Participants and Team members are required to stay at the chosen venue for the whole period of 7 days from 28th of October till 4th of November 2014.

The daily activities are intense and scheduled from early morning till evening.

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